Religious freedom …

Coming from a religiously diverse country like India and living in one, I have not really appreciated this particular freedom. And it may not be presumptuous in saying that most of us (Atleast people who are reading this) don’t appreciate it.

This kind of apathy has allowed countries to take it for grated to trample on the religious freedom of the minority in this age of the common man. The US justice department’s report has just brought Saudi Arabia into this group. It makes us wonder why Saudi Arabia was not singled out before. Was their oil enough to cover our eyes to their abuses ???

Religious repression is nothing new in that it has been followed by all races to promote their dominance, since time immemorial. This kind of repression has now been given a new meaning by people who want God out of every sphere of public life. They claim to be broadminded and enlightened, but are just as narrow minded as the religious heretics they claim to shun. By Shunning anything and everything to do with “God” they are not being as inclusive and liberal as they claim. Any society that claims to be religiously free must not just be either “Can’t have prayer in school” kind or “Can have only one kind of prayer in school” kind.

How religious are you?

The Saudis reply.

The Chinese reply

What the Justice department missed



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