India the superpower … not

Came across this hard hitting article on India’s current economic state. I receive a mail forward almost every week from all the tops and dicks and Harry’s on why India is a super power; they talk about the IT sector and the growth of the middle class and the rise of consumerism and a lot of other such external polishes which only is true for the minuscule portion of the population. It’s true when Maybach came out with the world’s richest car it was prebooked for two years in India but it does not speak well of the fact that for every such maybach buyer there were a million looking for their next meal.

So of my friends might take offense to this article and may even go so far as to call it a western attempt to diminish (sic) India’s image. But the fact remains that reality bites. There is no point in blowing the trumpet that Indian Americans are the richest ethnic group in America why the rest of the population back home is beset with poverty and corruption.


One thought on “India the superpower … not

  1. Cycle India

    Having spent a lot of time in Andhra Pradesh region of India, I have to wholeheartedly agree about India being far from a super power.

    The surprise for me was how happy the bulk of people seem, with so little material wealth


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