Free will

Same story different “moral soldier”. In a story repeated sporadically across America, a few pharmacists have taken it upon themselves to convert lost souls by refusing them legal medicine. The irony of the situation is that those perpetuating this ideology conveniently choose to forget that the person who came to convert(Jesus duh!) didn’t himself force anybody.

The whole basis of Christian faith rests on the fact that it is offered free with no strings attached to those WHO WANT IT. Its not something that is to be forced down somebody’s throat or something that can be bought. History has been kind enough to teach us that no real evangelism is possible by the might of a sword. If there is something that the crusades and the torturing of Galileo has thought has it has been this that Jesus never intended Him to be defended by swords or persecution. All it leads to is defeat like in the case of the crusades or utter foolish like in the case of Galileo. If He had intended human hands to defend Him, He would have done so before be crucified.

I strongly believe that those using their personal conviction as rouse to beat somebody else’s are not saints but megalomaniacs wanting the world to conform to them.

To add insult to injury, these same egotists would complain about al-queda, VHP and other such entities who do the same as them only with bombs and guns and knives.

All I have to say to them is this

“Judge not that you be not judged” – Matthew 7:1


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