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Free will

Same story different “moral soldier”. In a story repeated sporadically across America, a few pharmacists have taken it upon themselves to convert lost souls by refusing them legal medicine. The irony of the situation is that those perpetuating this ideology conveniently choose to forget that the person who came to convert(Jesus duh!) didn’t himself force anybody.

The whole basis of Christian faith rests on the fact that it is offered free with no strings attached to those WHO WANT IT. Its not something that is to be forced down somebody’s throat or something that can be bought. History has been kind enough to teach us that no real evangelism is possible by the might of a sword. If there is something that the crusades and the torturing of Galileo has thought has it has been this that Jesus never intended Him to be defended by swords or persecution. All it leads to is defeat like in the case of the crusades or utter foolish like in the case of Galileo. If He had intended human hands to defend Him, He would have done so before be crucified.

I strongly believe that those using their personal conviction as rouse to beat somebody else’s are not saints but megalomaniacs wanting the world to conform to them.

To add insult to injury, these same egotists would complain about al-queda, VHP and other such entities who do the same as them only with bombs and guns and knives.

All I have to say to them is this

“Judge not that you be not judged” – Matthew 7:1


Green Card!!!

No not green bucks!! Just a card, which states that you can have the rights that you pay your taxes for. Ask any Indian (For that matter any other national on worker’s visa) in the US and he would be a subject matter on this, even somebody like me who will violently defend his plan to go back “home”.

And before I continue, yes I have applied for green card. Now that the full disclosure is done …

The reason for this post was a lunch discussion that I had with a few colleagues of mine on the merits of going back to India versus settling down in the US. And boy was there a wide gorge in our opinions. But the general consensus was that, it is a very personal choice that every individual has to make depending on his or her situation.

The thought process that went into deciding on staying in the US was led by the charge that India is woefully lagging in the technological advancement compared to the US. You just can’t get an iPOD as easily in India was a favorite refrain. Add to that the noise and other sorts of pollution and corruption … its a pretty dirty list, explained by a single phrase “standard of living”.

On the other hand for people like me its the people that make all the difference. And in that I don’t mean that people are better anywhere, its just that blood is pretty thick for me. That and plus I don’t have to cook, clean or wash … ever!

There is a third group of people who complain that they would go back if things got better. In sense the corruption, poverty and pollution went down and the standard of living went up. The catch in this line of reasoning is that there is nobody to take a lead to make a change. This is like asking someone to bear the pain so you can enjoy the fruit. Not that it’s wrong in a capitalistic environment but doesn’t it sound hollow when you act concerned but don’t do anything about it. The road to hell is paved with good intentions

“The quickest way to a green card is marriage”

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