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What Easter means to me

Easter means a lot of things to various people around the world. It runs the gamut from bunnies to salvation with everything else in between. To me Easter is the reason of my joyous existence. And the stress is on the joyous part. Men (And women) throughout history have made worry their constant companion. It started with Adam who instead of being contended with having ownership of all creation, worried about the tiny piece he didn’t have dominion over.

And with that small step, he helped plunge humanity into a life filled with frenzied worrying. You hear God say throughout history to be still and let Him be who He always has been. But we in our frenzied worry state have constantly been trying to do the impossible by ourself.

I can’t imagine living BC, before Easter and the blood on the cross. Can you imagine having to constantly check your sacrifices for blemishes and keep an account of all your sins (real and imagined), spending your entire life worrying if your goodness tips the scale for you to squeeze into the pearly gates.

If it wasn’t was Easter we would probably still be doing that and for somebody who can’t make head of tails of the tax code this would have been an absolute disaster. It is because of the empty grave, I can boldly claim to know where I am going when I leave this earth; it is because of the empty grave, I do not worry about tomorrow anymore; it is because of the empty grave, I do not worry about storing up treasures that I can’t hold on to.

I have known poverty and abundance in my Life and it is because of Easter I can face them both with joy in my heart. The risen Saviour did not promise a life with out troubles but He promised peace in the midst of troubles.


The Answer

Well I am back once again after one more long hiatus and some boring excuse. So I will get right to the post instead of justifying my absence which in all probability went unnoticed.

So what is the answer that I am talking about? Well the answer to most questions when it is all boiled down to the core. Risking being labeled a fanatical, fundamentalistic, lunatic blowhard, I would like to categorically state that the answer is JESUS! Whether you are brown, white, red, black or yellow; whether you are pro-life or pro-choice; whether you are right-wing or left-wing; capitalist or communist; saint or sinner; theist or atheist; monotheist or polytheist; rich or poor; foward, backward, OBC, MBC, scheduled caste or scheduled tribe; jew or gentile; Hindu, Chrisitan, Muslim or Buddist.

The reasons for me to come to this conclusion are varied both from sources claiming to know HIM and abhor HIM. It is a fairly simple inference from the fact that nothing or noone else promises you the answer without expecting something else in return. Only Jesus claimed that He first loved us even when we didn’t care and dared to proclaim Himself as the only way to God, making Himself exclusive. He claimed to be the Truth and truth is exclusive by definition. And the best part is that I didn’t have to pay for my sins, beat that!

This post is the boiled down core of all the posts I wanted to write and wrote in my mind these past few months!

God bless!

Jesus did not come to make bad people good but He came to make dead people live!