Odyssey – Book 3 – Chapter iii – Amazonia

I am back … atleast for a short while. Its been a long break for me. I now understand perfectly how procrastination works, like any other addiction it grows on you slowly and then takes a death grip on you before you realise what hit you. The only way to get out of such a slumber is a rude and almost forceful self-awakening, like I am trying right now.

These past four months have been the busiest of my short life thus far and lesson learnt is that a workaholic is not born, a workaholic is made. I have also been clocking crazy airline miles. I am writing this note sitting in a Canadian Hotel about a trip I made in Brazil!

Amazon was possibly the best vacation I have ever taken so far. There has been no place that even comes close to it. Most of the other places I have been to have been more touristy and places that most people can claim to have been to. The Amazon can truly overawe anybody just by its sheer size. The river is so huge that it almost felt like a sea out there.

This trip was also the first time that I ever caught a fish and a Piranha at that. They are as tasty as they are dangerous. One of my boat members almost lost his pinky finger.

The highlight of the trip ofcourse was attending a indeginous Indian wedding. Most of the cermony was around the ritual of the 12 year old groom letting himself being bitten by huge ants to prove his manhood. He does this after taking a pinch of snuff.

Check out the pictures.


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