Smoking is injurious to health

Brazil seems to have tried to take on smoking by its horns. They don’t just tell you that cigarette smoking is injurious to health but also give you the proof. I got these pictures right off of the cigarette boxes themselves. Not that it has don’t any good to the hardcore smokers but the new ones are taking the hint!!

If only the other countries would do the same. Even though I think its stupid when tobacco companies get sued by people who use tobacco, I have had to change my opinion on how the advertisements affect young minds. I was talking to a kid who quit smoking a couple of years back, seems his main motivation factor was seeing the Marlboro cowboy smoking a cigarette on a horseback. Brazil has banned smoking commercials for the past few years because of this reason.

I couldn’t get a picture but I saw a warning with a dead fetus!


One thought on “Smoking is injurious to health

  1. Anonymous

    So what has the chinese got to do with your posting on the health warning!!!!..

    Smoking is injurious to health, so is driving a car on the highways..use caution appropriately..It’s not for everyone..hahaha..

    What’s the alternative to tobacco farmers around the globe and the thousands who are employed by Phillip Morris..hey, I am not justifying smoking, but I am just look at practical issues..

    How long does one want to live? How healthy does one want to live? These are personal choices and as I say “choices have attached responsibilities to them” So make your choices wisely and take the responsibility..No point complaining..If only, I had listened, If only I had quit early..If only (fill in the gap)..

    Ever talked to a mentally ill person lately, ask them if smoking calms their nerves and helps them control their delusions/hallucinations..sometimes they might tell you interesting facts of life that is not perceptible to the “normal” populations..

    Smoking is a bad habit..depends on the crowd you hang out is also considered ‘sinful’ as the body is the temple of the living God..Why do we have incense burnt in temples/churches? don’t they give out a lot of smoke too…Has anyone studied the effects of that?? Ever tried to inhale from the end of a car’s exhaust…Don’t try it.. it will kill you instantaneously….Ok..I will quit preaching when I need to mend my ways..but couldn’t resist the urge to respond as it is a passionate topic of mine (haha)..


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