Odyssey – Book 3 – Chapter ii – Brazil I

I wrote this stuff like a month ago … and a lot has changed since, which I would probably update in the next post!

Firstly … and lastly I like this place. Its a mix of India’s craziness and America’s resources. It has made me bring back the Odyssey to the main blog instead of being relegated to the diary (That nobody really reads) as it usually is. The traffic and driving best describes this mix of the developed and developing country senarios. There is organised chaos on the roads everyday. Most people follow the lanes like America, but they also cut each other out often, just like in India.

There is no better way to start about Brazil than its meat and fruit eating passions. Brazilians eat more meat than any other country that I have seen or heard of. The best part is that they eat more fruits than anybody else too. With all the red meat they eat I was surprised to find that Brazilians were actually thin. And since I wasn’t Brazilian, I put on more than 10 pounds in the last week. I was literally pampered by them, once they found out that I was a carnivorous India (Which surprised them, as they expected me to be worshiping the cow instead of eating it). Any group of people who are willing to take me home and stuff me with food are bound to be some of the best on the earth. braziliaros scored big on that count. Almost felt like I was back in India not having to dutch every meal :). Or I would just give them top marks for providing with all the Mango that I could ever eat, add coconut water to that mix and voila Ulysses David was bowled over.

The traffic gets as crazy as India and as crowded too. But it has some redeeming qualities like the decent and smiling cab drivers. Oh and also the wonderful GPS system. I was surprised to find a mud road on the GPS. This is definitely a step up from India where your only GPS and map are the people on the street. The people also surprisingly follow the western lane system with flashes of Indian zig zaging!

The women are pretty … just like in any other part of the world. Not wanting to shoot down the Brazilian hype I’ll say no more. Or maybe I will! The statement that Brazilian woman are more beautiful than others is possibly because of her. I only provide a like to her image and not display it becasue she has choosen Tom brady over Ulysses David. So what if he is a Star athlete? That being said, Brazilian’s are proud of two things; their football skills and their women. Nowhere else have I seen people asking you to agree with them that their women are the best in the world ( I have had quite a few talk highly of everyone accept their own fellow countrywomen ).

The only thing probably hinger on the Brazilian list than food and women is football (Soccer for you Yankees). I did try to take it upon myself to teach them a thing or two about football only to sprain my thigh with the first kick. This gave me enough reason to claim what a wonderful player I was if only I had stretched! The games were fun though. I was the star as I was the foreigner (I am soaking up all the attention), and everytime I touched the ball (being a goalkeeper) the crowd started chanting my name – also a sign hoe poorly they thought of my football skills!

A lot like the rest of the world, Brazil swings between the haves and and the have nots. Luckily for me I was entertained in a million dollar mansion, in a wonderful middle class house and was able to walk through a slum – probably the most dangerous thing I have done here. Though it was much much better than the city of God one … probably better than some Indian ones. In the richer neighborhoods the architecture is spellbinding, something the American suburbs lack. While the poorer sections are more dangerous than the worst parts of St. Louis and Detroit. It’s an unwritten rule that you don’t stop at red lights … in India thats more out of a lack of respect for the law while here it is out of respect for your own life. Though in truth it did not stop me from driving here … also getting lost once (the GPS is not perfect!)

Laters for more … also check out http://tamilnole.blogspot.com for more recent updates!


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