Strike 1

Well its a wonderful day out there and I have got a 90% on my IBM database associate certificate exam. One down and one more to go. I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel …

Did you know that buying prescription drugs from Canada is illegal. I wonder what the FDA would say about the tons of drugs that Indians bring into the US every time they come back from India. Meagan a Junior at FSU from Tally/Perry is livid about it, she says “… we SO should be able to buy prescription drugs from Canada …” She says her prescription drug which costs 300$s here costs only 45$s on an online Canadian pharmacy. President Bush are you listening, this could be a section of your swing voters …

Well I think as an Indian I am above the FDA (snickering), I just import drugs that are over the counter in India and prescribed here. There are only three general purpose drugs we usually bring. One magical tablet that can be used for various illness ranging from a small headache to fear to cold to … another to take of the internal working of the body especially the stomach … and a third I have no idea why I brought. Probably some of you are wondering if these three drugs are enough for all kinds of illness … the answer is YES. Its a psychological thing, our bodies are tuned to it. My cousins who is a very successful software developer states “… I just don’t understand why my headache can only be controlled by the drug I brought from India … maybe its in my head …”.

In India every pharmacist is also a de facto physician. With a population of more than 1 billion we do need all the help we can get. Well these drugs that I had brought with me from India have names, my father used to tell of yesteryear when the drugs used to colour coded(in villages in India) with just three colours, all in liquid form. So everybody got a medicine which was a different combination of these three base medicines.

Well the number of tablets I have used from the hundreds I brought — none



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