Odds and ends

Its the end of another week. Time seems to fly sometimes and iterations not fast enough. I guess most of you all in the American continent watched the debate yesterday between the devil and the deep sea (President Bush and Senator Kerry). Whatever maybe the outcome of the November poll I must applaud this part of the democracy that allows the candidates to come face to face and state their case. I wish I could say the same for the state of politics in India. If this debate were to be held in India there would be so much bad (not that there is none over here) and I could get physical.

From politics to Chinese food. I just don’t understand the word ‘spicy’ from the people who serve Chinese to an Indian like me. More often than not I am disappointed by the amount of spice in spicy food. (For those of you who don’t know me, I am South Indian and I like my food blazing hot). A word of advice to other spice loving souls out there if they say its spicy and it looks pinkish with lots of oil around it don’t go for it. I don’t know why I am ranting off about Chinese food, may it is because of the heartbreak given me by a Etheopian restaurant that was not where it was supposed to be ( this after I had walked 2 miles to get to it). If any of the famished soul (in California) really wants good spicy Chinese food go to any of the numerous Indian restaurants that specialize in Indian Chinese …

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