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I know I slacked off the last two days. Been a little busy at work. Had a Server SCSI controller crash on me yesterday and had to be at the office for more than 15 hours straight. To top it all off the weather forecast said that it was supposed to be a dry night but it snowed so much that my car was buried three inches deep in the company’s parking lot. Well I did get a jalepenos pizza for staying so late at the office. And to those who don’t know I love to look at snow, it so pretty et all but I can live without it. I would rather see it on TV than on my car.

Now that I have rambled on about all that could have been done before and after the tsunami. Lets just talk about what has been done so far. The public outpouring from all over the world, has been so unprecedented that it would make the most ardent pessimist an optimist. People in all walks of life around the world have tried to do the best that they could do to help out in whatever way they could. The other day I met an old lady at the Hyundai service center who said that they were collecting money by dressing up (If any one wants to come to office in casuals, the person has to make a contribution). Mastercard doubles any contribution that we make to the tsunami relief fund.

Even in the tsunami affected areas it has brought together people from all walks of life to face this great tragedy. There have been instances where the local church, mosque or temple has buried the people of different religions. It has been rightly said that adversity brings out the best in people.

On a personal note, a foundation called Falcon foundation, to provide long term rehabilitation to the children of the tsunami has been started by me and a group of friends. I am very excited about all that we are planning to do for them.

“We Make a Living by what we Get

but we make a Life by what we give”


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