Laundromess !!

Procrastinators of the world unite! Today was Laundry day for me. With an unusually large load and a severe headache, it was a real mess. To be frank I hate doing laundry and as a true laundry hater, I have enough essential garments to last me two months … but like with any other thing there is always a limit and today I was forced to get out of my stupor finally do the laundry. (I had to remind myself that I am no longer a college going free soul but a office going soul under bondage)

It started out real good though. I was happy to not carry the huge load of quarters and instead use my credit card(the American way) to pay for it. The only problem was that the washers started without the lids being closed and no cloths in them. I was under the impression that these washers were supposed to stop if you open the lids but no such luck for me. So I had to make quick time and fill up the 4 washers with cloth after the rotors had started. Next came the dryers part. Learning from my previous experience I decided to put the cloths in first before I use the credit card machine. Only this time when I came to pick up my laundry I found out that the dryers had to be manually started; and since the time lapse was great I had to pay for them again (loss of 4$s). I also accidentally started another machine because of a messed up key board. So over all it was a truly laundromessy place.

Updates on the tsunami

The after-effect killers have started already.

The social evil still remains among some. It only goes to prove that sometimes just sometimes some people don’t deserve to be called humans.

Politics still reigns in the ruins

The Falcon foundation is in the process of being officially established. I’ll keep you all updated on the happenings.

It’s hard to answer what’s wrong… when nothing is right


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