No I don’t mean the 5K run I meant the colour of the skin. I watched the movie “Remember the titans” (pretty good movie too!) and it set me off thinking about what’s so different about us all, does the skin color or social status change our species name? Last time I checked we all still belonged to the genus homo and species sapiens. This problem is not specific to one country or region. You have it in the developed countries as well as the most under developed. In the developed countries the irony is that people who indulge in it are highly educated and practice it behind doors while in the under developed countries, it is more in your face.

On hindsight it is suprising that segregation survived in the most powerful nation in the world till the 60s, what’s more frightening is that it still survives in some parts of the largest democracy (India). These facts make the genocide going on in Sudan by the Arab government on the tribal rebels and vice versa as a no brainer.

From what I have seen of such people is that they have very low self esteem and try to build up their confidence by putting down the others. Hitler made it famous in the 20th century and it still continues in the deserts and jungles of Sudan. In between there were other genocides like the hutus in Burundi and various other place. For more news on such drastic form of race clashes and ethnic cleansing visit the genocide site

In countries like India the clash has been more between the classes than the races. (India has a special name for the class system its called the caste system). Usually you have the upper class intimidating the lower class who in turn are supported by naxalite groups to attack the upper class. Its a vicious circle that repeats itself over and over again. These conflicts also extend to religious persecution in places like Indonesia and Iran.

In the developed countries racism is practiced in the name of freedom of speech. The following sound file is racially explicit and listeners discretion is advocated. The person who did this was just suspended for a day and is back in the air. Racism is not the prerogative of any particular community or race. It is still followed by a large number of people in different walks of life. These particular offenders were suspended for a week, maybe these were gimmicks to gain some brownie points but they were definitely not in good taste or of proper judgment. I always felt that education was the great equalizer but some people just go through school but never get an education.

I had hoped that the disaster like the tsunami would set aside people’s prejudices but I was sadly mistaken. The social and ethnic differences were still seen in the relief camps; It was between the government and the rebels in Indonesia; between the Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka and between the various castes in India.

To make a difference we just need to start with the person in the mirror and lets hope that there is still hope for this world.

“Once you have glimpsed the world as it might be, it is impossible to live anymore complacent in the world as it is.”


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