Technology … whither art thou …

How many Computer professionals does it take to cut an ice cream cake ??? 14. That’s how many it took today at work, that plus 2 knives. Technology has become so all pervasive that its seems hard that any could escape its influence. There are exceptions of course like few protected tribals in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India … and the US weather agency that does not have the capabilities to find a phone number. It should not be taken for granted that even if they had managed to find the phone number(The lacked funds to find the phone number) the tsunami warnings would have helped. The world has been able to put man on the moon but have not been able to do anything about using these same resources. India has enough money to produce nuclear bombs but does not have enough to set up a tsunami warning system.

But its more the humans than the lack of technology that has to be blamed. If the rich and famous in India had not built all their farm houses and resorts so the ocean the fisherfolk (who were the most affected) would not have been forced to live so close to the ocean. And now most of the bourgeois people are not affected but its just the poor. Wish people would value human life more than their beautiful farm houses next to the beach

You could call this a pessimistic post where I have tried to find scapegoats for nature’s fury. Maybe its true .. maybe its not

“If there were nothing wrong in the world, there wouldn’t be anything for us to do”

– George Bernard Shaw


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    Since when did people start being Socialists…. huh… You have made a very good point, but, did you ever have an idea that nature’s furious proclivities could shape into a Tsunami?

    I am very sorry that such a disaster had to happen. Let us do out best, in our own small but significant way.


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