Its hard to understand the way the same companies and other organizations run in different parts of the world. I got to experience the logistical inconsistencies first hand at the Y. I am lifetime member of the Y courtesy of my dad who got me a membership(at a huge premium I must add) 8 years ago, expecting me to go all over the world. I finally decided to use this membership (for the first time) at the neighboring Y, only to find out that the Y in the US does have the concept of a lifetime membership. And for those of you who don’t know what it means, a lifetime membership is offered when you pay 15 to 20 times the yearly membership at single time. After explaining to the volunteers for about half an hour about how the Y works in India, I got a temporary guest pass; A temporary solution till they could find out from their HQ on how to handle my request for full access to their facility.

You would guess that such large organizations with a presence in almost all countries would have a standard policy or atleast train their staff in the different policies

that they have. All that they could tell me was that they never thought that somebody from so far away would ever come here to this particular Y in Missouri! Now that I have finished my rant and rave. Lets talk about the good part of it all, I have finally successfully kick started my exercise regime, I know its too early to blow the horn. Maybe if I go tomorrow, it would be a real start. And before I sign off what’s this with the nakedness in the showers … I am not trying to be homophobic but seeing naked men isn’t exactly my cup of tea.

“I have learned more from my mistakes

than from my successes”


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