The end of another week at work. Man I love the money living in that rat hole of a cube for more than 8 hours puts a strain on that love. I guess the grass is always greener on the otherside, when I was in school I just wanted to get to college, when I got there I thought that school was better. Then I wanted to work and earn money but now that I can do that I just want to get back to college life.

Its a vicious cycle believe you me!!

I better suck it up and get on with it I guess.

Hey did anybody hear about this kid who took his mom’s car for a spin. Either the kid was really big or the car was really small. I thought I was young to start driving at 13. This kid just took it to a whole new level. Back in the days was I used to be a kid (I don’t claim that I am not a kid anymore) a simple three wheeled cycle was all I needed to keep me happy.

I had the first visitors to my apartment yesterday. A bunch of high school kids on an school assignment. Not one being averse to appearing on a video, I agreed to answer their questions on camera only to regret it … or maybe just embarrassed … here is how it went

1st kid : “So how should we start?”
2nd kid : “Are you married?”
Me : (Easy answer and smiling) “No”
1st kid : “Are you in a long term relationship?”
Me : (Getting a little uneasy) “No”
2nd kid : “Have you been in a long term relationship?”
Me : (Dreading the next question) “No”
1st kid : “Lets just ask him …”
2nd kid : “Do you practice safe sex?”
Me : (Well what do I say ?) “…eh …eh …smile” (Smile is always a good answer to any question)
2nd kid : (trying to put me at ease) “This is for a sex education class”
1st kid : (Continuing on) “If your wife got pregnant would you make her have an abortion?”
Me : (With a straight face and waiting for it to get over) “No”
2nd kid : “What do u think gives better protection the pill or a condom?”
Me : (Straight from the book answer) “Condom”

And the ordeal was over. Next time I give an interview I am going to ask for a list of questions and then decide if I want to participate in it. This brought me to the story of the baby in Florida.

Lots of people have asked me why I don’t drink, here is one of the reasons for that

What happens when protectors become violators . This came on the heels allegations of the UN Oil for food program in Iraq having helped the previous Saddam regime.

I thought the Patriots won the superbowl!!

What are the chances of falling in love with the same person twice and hating it!!

New way to celebrate your birthday

There are so many babies to be adopted I wonder why people have to do this

“You only know what happiness is once you’re married. But then it’s too late.”


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