Trust me on April fools day …

This year on April fools day, I had the sudden divine inspiration to claim that I was getting engaged. I selected the name after the wife of Ulysses in Greek mythology (Penelope), added a little bit of Hispanic spice into it and voila I had my fiancee Penelope from Argentina working in Information Security. The only glitch was that my friends knew me too well or atleast they think they do 😉 … I did have a lot of my friends fooled. One person was convinced after I mailed her a picture in my yahoo album.

If it weren’t for a couple of meddling people who could never believe that I would get a girl, I would probably be receiving some cards and gifts by now … The plan was perfect, I even had a date (May 25th). But I did overlook the fact that I come from a society that pre-dominantly has arranged marriages.

From my friends refusal to believe me, I don’t know if I should take it as a insult that they think I won’t get a girl, or be happy that my friends know me so well 🙂 …

Something to ponder.

The Pope is dead … long live the Pope


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