Fat and Fatter

One of my monikers when I was growing up in chennai was “Nai kodul” (Tamil for Dog Stomach). Ok before you all start snickering … this “Title” was bestowed upon me for the seemingly amazing ability of my body to remain thin inspite of my gluttonous appetite. But I think age is finally catching up with me. I seem to have put on more mass than I wanted in the last couple of months. I am finally … nah officially overweight. I didn’t think I would see this day so soon. But then as the saying goes “…When in Rome do as the Romans …”, I live in America where 60 percent of the population is overweight!

I can’t be complacent about it though. Need to stop before I hit 200 Pounds. So if any of you got any bright ideas on how to turn this fat into muscle let me know. I need a 6 pack abs in a month and half before I go to India!!! But being “fat” per se is not a bad thing. As long as I can play raquetball the way I play and am agile enough. The only think I can’t bear is the picture above. So if not for anything thing else, I need to to convert that fat to muscle just so that I could look better without my shirt on!

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are”


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