Stranger in London

Well the bombs are bursting all over the world. Doesn’t it make us wish we didn’t have the industrial revolutions … so we wouldn’t have these guns and bombs … and people would just kill people with knives and swords??? Just like America had the 9/11 England had its 7/7 and was initiated into the sad and tragic environment that the rest of the world lives in. And to add insult to injury they couldn’t even blame it on the enemy from without … ’cause the enemy was within.

The perpetrators have not only caused havoc by their bombs but has also made the guardians of the peace as their tools. The first victim was a Brazilian electrician whose only crime was to be dark skinned and staying in the wrong apartment. But this is not just a racial thing. Half way across the world the same thing was being repeated in Kashmir, where the Indian army shot dead three teenagers as they waited in ambush for some terrorists. Is this miss placed enthusiasm or police excess? That is a tough question to answer. This can be easily explained away as the cost of taking on the terrorists when the cops have to be merciless. But then that is the difference between the terrorists and others.

The human tragedy involved in this is immeasurable. I guess its one of those indeterminate kind of questions, but worth pondering about.

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