3 years and counting …

Its been three years since I landed on these shores (entered at 12:30AM August 7th 2002). Can’t believe how fast time flies! “… lived through some good times, and some sad times …” but I did live it up! Met a lot of people along the way, some moved on, some stayed. So I guess its that time of the year to reminisce on hits and misses …

This is a good time to think of things I should have done or the things I could have lived without …

  • Should have gone for the swimming classes when I started out instead of when I was ready to graduate.
  • Should have gone for the Football(American) games the first year I was there. I used to hate football because it was called football and football was soccer! (Confused? See what I mean!)
  • Should have used the gym!
  • Should have started line dancing in the first year, ’cause I was intimidated by it, instead of waiting till the second year of my studies.
  • Should have got the speeding ticket going at 100 mph instead of 87 mph … wait maybe not that.
  • Should have made … nope … saved more money than I did
  • Should not have quit ice skating

I guess I am out of ‘should haves’ and ‘shouldn’t haves’. But there were some many things that happened, I have decided to list just a few that come to the top of my mind … in no particular order

  • The power of my word at home, just because I was halfway across the world. This is true even of my cousins and uncles and aunts …
  • Getting a wonderful bunch of new friends at FSU through CCF and Chi Alpha.
  • Getting to fight with my ‘enemy’ Swapna and getting a picture of her inside an Alcatraz cell.
  • Being able to roam all over the US, in part because of having the right connections like Shelly acca in California and Srila & Sadhana acca in Detroit
  • Being able to meet old long lost friends Rajesh, Nanda and Hussein
  • Surrounded by a wonderful Christian family wherever I go, Specially Koshy annan and Aunty who also brovided me with a home, complete with food and transport
  • Having a bunch of cookies and cards sent across the continental US so that I won’t feel alone, by Angela and the wonderful crazy people at CCF.
  • Getting to go horse riding and getting to handle various shot guns and hand guns at Perry, thanks to Whitney and her family.
  • Having squirrel stir fry made by Buddy and cake for my birthday with Florida and India drawn on it.
  • Getting a T Shirt from Romania by Mike who also is the first friend I made at FSU. Now that he is in the Air Force, he can probably beat me in running
  • Having cookies by Katie and cake by Fallon for my birthday
  • Having my shirt Ironed by Meagan and who also cleaned out my kitchen with Audra
  • Going to Stetsons to line dance with Amy
  • Getting to drive a Benz courtesy of Sri acca who also incidentally got me a job
  • Driving with a broken leg to visit John and getting struck in a hurricane
  • Setting the town on fire on a 750GS with Akhilesh as Wingman
  • Getting to play co-rec Football(Soccer) and American Football with Jillian, Kathy, Brian, Eamon, Erin and the rest of the gang
  • Driving to Washington DC with Rhea
  • Crashing at Ravi’s place and having him drive with me to St.Louis for no particular reason whatsoever
  • Playing tennis in the rain and the sunshine with Adriaan
  • Swimming in the pool during thunderstorms with Amit
  • Taking a break in Atlanta at Katie’s house
  • Getting to see Eric’s GI Joe collection and getting my first Star Trek figurine from him
  • Getting birthday bums … Chris Pink and Justin I don’t forget easily
  • Visiting the smoky mountains with Aarthi and Preeth and having Aarthi make a week’s supply of food for me
  • Visiting with Jeba’s family and Mani in Minnesota and having Briyani there
  • Having good clean fun with the house of fire youth led by Ron & Kelly
  • Breaking seven cellphones and having Scott get me a 20% discount on my monthly charges
  • Having Latha, Swapna and other friends visit me
  • Having Thanksgiving dinner with Amber and Erin’s family
  • Going to Connect with the Feagans
  • Swing dancing at the FSU Swing dance club with Jaquline, Sara and the rest of the gang
  • Getting a car for free from Mark and then selling it for 200$s after some repairs
  • Going Sailing with Lee
  • Having Thanksgiving dinner with the waers
  • Driving to Canada by myself
  • Getting to throw a lot of people into the fountain for their birthdays even though it was less than zero outside
  • Breaking my leg playing raquetball with Jason
  • Tubing down the icknetukee and breaking my watch in the process

This is definetly not an exhaustive list. I name names because I can … and am willing to take the fall for any omissions ;). Keep checking for updates to the bullet points and old memories come back 🙂

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”


3 thoughts on “3 years and counting …

  1. J

    Nice to read about so many things happened in ur life past 3 yearz…
    Actually didn’t even realize that itz been 3eeeeeeeeeeee YEARrrrZzz.
    Have a great time in all the coming dayz also…
    Wish u get to do all that u wanted and didn’t go ahead for..in the past yearz…All the very best..


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