So much to ….. so little time

Have been busy over the last few weeks with a lot of things … so as usual negleted this part of my life …. to get me started again, I’ve got a photo blog from my trip to florida for Katie’s marriage!!!

“In the opinion of the world, marriage ends all, as it does in a comedy. The truth is precisely the opposite: it begins all.”


5 thoughts on “So much to ….. so little time

  1. boss

    Marriage is not just two people saying “I Do”..nor is it for the weak hearted. It should not be done just because you have crossed 18 – the legal age..
    Remember, Marriage is another of life’s institution just like family, universities, etc…it comes with its unique set of rules and regulations and challenges..It is the only institution that gives you the opportunity to create another human form like yourself..Don’t forget to ask yourself what kind of fruit do you want to bear..The tree is known by the fruit it bears..Start your relationships with each other right by having Jesus pronounce His Grace..Remember HIS first miracle..It was at a wedding in Cana, Galalee…

  2. Whitney

    I hope you enjoyed the wedding. The place where they were married looked beautiful! Any horses around?? 😉
    I’m sorry again for not being able to hang out with you that weekend.
    Now I have site of sorts myself:
    I got started there because all, and I do mean ALL, my friends kept sending me these annoying BEBO emails.
    So, I signed up to finally take all of their quizzes, then I found out there was a lot of fun stuff we could do on there.
    Anyway, check it out some time!
    WhitP.S. Your kiddy pics are soooo cute, esp the baby one. I “borrowed” it off the site – it’s now in our iPhoto library!

  3. NoViCe

    Yo Whit! There sure were horses around. The bride came on a horse carriage!! Got some pretty cool pics on your site ;). I was cute indeed when I was a kiddy :), don’t know how I went to the other extrem now!!

    So Mr. Boss or is it Ms ??? Looks like you are sold on marriage 😉


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