Odyssey – Book 2 – Chapter i – Detroit Car Show

Miles : 1344
Cities Visited : 3 – Detroit, Dayton, Columbus
States driven through : 5 – Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri

The first trip of the year was one of those impulsive trips that I took. Having friends in different drivable cities is pretty cool if you like to drive around. Not only does it help you to take break but also drastically reduces your expenses.

That being said, the main purpose of the trip was to look at some real beauties (not because I didn’t want to be alone for a long weekend(sic)). And beauties I did see. I was hoping to see more concept cars though.

First of all let me introduce you to Mr. Rolls Royce. This is probably as close as I would ever get to it in my life. You needed to see it first had to see how massive it really was. This is one car that you would have somebody else drive you around, which rules me out from ever buying it. How could I trust someone to drive this beauty ??? no way hosey! I have been waiting quite a few years to get to this car show.

The in thing for concept cars at this show was to have really thin seats with really weird material. Don’t know if that is good or bad. My cars seats really get your butt if you have a wallet in the back pocket because of their inflexibility.

Overall though I don’t know if the show itself was worth the drive, but meeting up with some good and close friends was definitely worth it. Had Ravi’s hospitality in Ohio, while Rajesh and Abishek provided the same in Detroit.

I had a lesson to learn on this trip, don’t wear a torn shorts in front of your mom or anybody who looks like your mom. I made the mistake of doing that in front of my friend’s mom and boy did I get an earful.

Cops just don’t seem to want to leave me in peace. The best investment that I never made was on a cop detector, it would have saved me money in the hundreds. But this time around I don’t think that would have helped either. Got a parking ticket for parking more than two hours on two hour zone. This on a holiday at 10:30 in the morning and the restriction came into effect only at 8:00 A.M, probably one of those henpecked cops who’s wife probably chewed him up early in the morning.

These trips sure are full of food, and this time was no exception. Had middle eastern food after a long time courtesy of Rajesh. Also had Ravi make some dosas for me. Anyways for more photos from this trip just go here.

Before I forget, the cars/bike I would really like to own in no particular order are

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We must get beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey.
–John Hope Franklin


9 thoughts on “Odyssey – Book 2 – Chapter i – Detroit Car Show

  1. Boss

    Traveling the byroads of life sure has its advantages..it takes you through moments of “out of the box” thinking..makes you stop and wonder at the views you take in..”concept” cars are beautiful to look at..when it comes to the ride, you’d rather get one that’s Consumer Reports Certified…reliable, economical, gas conserving, and that which will last you for a while..for brief excursions, a rental car is the best one..try different ones..from the most expensive to the least expensive (depending on how much green you have in your wallet)..and when you have done with your ride, give it back to others who would want to use them..by the way, a police detector (radar detector) wouldn’t save you much dollars..it just tells you there is a cop on your trail..especially if you are listening to MP3s and speaking on the phone at the same time..It is better to stay within legal limits except if you are driving someone to the hospital in a life or death situation, otherwise a cop is right there behind you to warn you (expensive ticket) that if you drive that fast even angels can’t keep up with you to save your life..tehehe..hey crackerjack how about some of those tickets from different states for a change..I want to test one of my theories about tickets issued..so if you have them, can you post them for all to see how a speeding ticket looks like in different states..{;>}

  2. Crackerjack

    Yo Boss unfortunately or fortunately, getting tickets is not one of my specialities. If you had ever worked in a QT you would know what I mean. You would probably have more luck with Ulysses …

  3. Boss

    Yo Crackerjack..how about some pictures of countries that you have visited for a change..tehehe..or should I ask my maan ulysses for that too..

  4. boss

    I forgot to ask does crackerjack like Buena Vista, Florida..or watch Atlanta Braves? Maybe some pictures of things you like to do would suffice for a change..tehehe

  5. Crackerjack

    Mr. Bossman, unlike my colleague I don’t believe in taking privacy too lightly ;)!!! Remember if you don’t have an identity, your identity cannot be stolen.

    I also prefer the Oakland Raiders to the atlanta Braves. And if it is NCAA then the Trojans are on top!! And San Diego is better than Buena Vista any day(Even though I have never been there!!) 🙂


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