Odyssey – Book 2 – Chapter ii – The Village

The second trip of the year had to wait three months after the first trip. Another interesting trip as usual.

This was to spend Easter with a close friend Rajesh and also see the interiors of the US of A. Salem, Indiana is one of those places you would have to search on a map, set in the midst of hills and Ghat roads with a town hall right in the middle.

I can now claim to have stayed in the villages of America, thanks to this trip. Though I did crib about the time it took to travel through the winding roads, it was still fun to take the curves at 80MPH(128 KMPH). Not to mention flooring the gas to 125(201) on the interstate (I-64).

I-64 has been the best interstate that I have traveled so far … no traffic and most importantly no cops!!! Was able to touch 125 and maintain an average of 80, not bad for one trying not to get another traffic ticket.

Also the trip helped me to meet up with an old friend in Lexington and experience the worst Indian restaurant I have ever been to (In the US). Shonda hope I didn’t spoil your appetite for India food. The food actually was bad but the place was a dump … probably because their A/C was out but that doesn’t excuse the ton of onion skins that were all over the place.

This also was the first time that I had frog legs!! Yes frog legs and they don’t taste like chicken … they taste like frog legs. As we stay on food I need to add Ostrich, Kangaroo and Bison to my list of meat eaten, courtesy of the gun show that I attended a few weeks back. Those were some of the best jerkies that I have ever eaten.

Any description of these remote places of Indiana and Kentuky would not be complete without the town hall in the middle. I had always assumed that the town hall was in the center of the town/city as part of the downtown, not literally like I saw in Salem. It was indeed the center of the town and had a moat like road all around it so if you drive thro town you had a kind of traffic circle.

Check out the pictures here

Miles travelled : 960 Miles (1545 Kms)
No. Of States : 4
Top Speed : 125 mph (200kmph)
Average : 75 mph (120 kmph)

“Americans have more food to eat than any other people and more diets to keep them from eating it”

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8 thoughts on “Odyssey – Book 2 – Chapter ii – The Village

  1. Boss

    Bumper Sticker says..Never drive faster than the angels that protect you…and if one shows up with blue and red lights flashing behind you, slow down to a stop as fast as you have been driving and be courteous..It might be your opportunity to witness..additionally, you might have to pay a fine, a hefty one depending on your speed and locality..Don’t do this often and you will have your driving privileges curtailed..

  2. Boss

    Don’t tell that last line to the cop..they are just making a living like everyone..and in some counties that’s the way the collect taxes on unsuspecting wayfarers…out of county/state tags are easy to ticket..coz they are not going to come to the court on the appointed day and plead “not guilty”..so don’t give them an opportunity to stop you if you can..just read the posted signs and follow through..keep it safe always..you never know who is driving faster than you..hope it is not the devil himself..haha

  3. Boss

    I am glad he went down to Georgia…But, you would have better luck with the harp when it comes to the devil (c.f..King Saul)..He runs away or leaves the place when he hears worship music, that much I know..works all the time..I remember playing the guitar once to the cop in Louisiana just to keep him in good spirits and he never gave me a ticket for that..Someone truck driver had tipped him of two cars speeding..one with NY and the other with FL tags..Well, he didn’t know that I had my guns trained on him too..so when mine went off, I just spoofed the other driver too..Two separate cop cars pulled us both 5 miles apart but never gave us a ticket..We had gone to the casino in Shreveport and I had my guitar in the trunk..I just opened my case and played them some gospel tunes..The rest of the gang were cracking up talking about it all the way back home..

  4. Hermit

    you betcha..

    “two roads diverged in the woods, I took the one less traveled by and it has made all the difference” – Robert Frost..

    All the sane are good actors while the insane are just being themselves – Hermit


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