Odyssey – Book 4 – Eurotrip

This only the third time this year that I am writing on here. I have been a lazy bum and consequently have lost most of my eloquence with the written word! So here is another attempt at getting back on track. This year has been full of various adventures from the streets of Rio de Janeiro to the leaning tower of Pisa, but my current planned trip might top them all yet. The plan is to visit 11 countries counting small principalities in 11 days. Its going to be more driving than visiting.

This will hopefully give me ample opportunities for keeping an interesting travelogue.

Day >0 : Its been interesting visiting Germany for work. Did I mention that German’s love beer? I couldn’t get a hotel in town because of a “Beer trade fair” and was put up in a B&B in the middle of nowhere. It was a pretty place but still in the middle of nowhere!

Day 1 starts tomorrow with the trip to Switzerland!


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