Murder most foul ….

I read this shocking article about a dowry death in the United States of America. This is another reminder of how prevelant dowry is among the Indian community. The fact that all those involved in this episode were well educated does not speak well for the indian education system. We churn out computer specialists, engineers and doctors but seem to have forgotten to teach basic respect for human life.

The cultural police go around burning shops for selling valentine day cards and attacking the “western” culture but have forgotten the ills inside the house! Nobody seems to be bothered about the effects of dowry on the Indian society. I don’t know if this is because of the parents who think giving dowry is a status symbol or because of the GREEDY BEGGERS who think its better to live off of somebody else’s money rather than earn their money. There seems to be a standard dowry price for various occupations in different communities.

IAS officers – 2 crores(20 Million Rupees)

Doctors – 1 crore

Engineers – 50 lacs


Add to this the jewels and the other articles like cars and houses. The plundering does not stop here but continues on and thats when it really becomes dangerous.

Does this speak well of our educated young men?? Selling their degrees? Have we indians lost our self respect that we can’t even earn our own livelihood? Its a shame that we talk about the advancement in technology and the economy but don’t do anything about this despicable reality. I have come across students (my peers) who boast that their engineering education is an investment on their dowry.

Are the In-laws only to blame for this? what about the girls families that don’t take a stand for their daughter? We are more worried about what will happen if a girl comes back home rather than the torment she is going through. What about the society? we gossip about a separated or divorced girl. Is that all we are? a nation with the oldest civilisation … a nation that kills its daughters for money?????

Isaiah 22:4

Therefore I said, “Look away from me, I will weep bitterly; Do not labor to comfort me Because of the plundering of the daughter of my people.”



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