Late night chats and birthday parties

Well yesterday was my mom’s birthdays, I hope she liked the roses I sent her from half way across the world. And today happens to be one of my friends birthday.

Me and him had a long late night chat on a variety of issues about the Indian Culture that we are from and the American culture we are living in. I guess we guys get philosophical when we have nothing better to do or when caffine drives the sleep away!

Most of the discussion revolved around the colour of beauty. which is discussed in the other blog. American culture won out on this topic because I haven’t come across anybody equating beauty and colour. We did touch base on a number of other topics but none seemed to infuriate me like the topic of shade of the skin colour.

From skin colour to hardwork.. I came across this article about perseverence and determination.

Hope you guys have a wonderful day

till later …


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