"Watch" in the washing machine and other tales

Strange heading ??? well the incident was stranger than the heading. I had been searching for my watch for the last two days without success.  I finally find it today of all places on earth inside the washing machine (one of the miracles that I can attest to in my life).  If only I could find a million dollars that way …

In other stories … a hurricane just went through my house … not a real one ofcourse but I am trying to pack to go to California to get a job and am being restricted by the amount of luggage that I can carry on the flight. I need a miracle to stuff 400 pounds into a 100 pound limit.  If only I could figure out what is real important and what is not. Though the more important worry for me now should be how and when I am going to get a job … oops got to go … laters …


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