The long hiatus – 2

The graduation

I did finally graduate. I believe in the idiom ” Be differnt or be damed” … and different I was, fortunately or unfortunately I was almost at the back of the line so I didn’t hold up too many people. It was walk to remember, with me walking like a lion er forget the lion part, I did walk slowly and gracefully (my word for a limp). Inspite of my slowness to get a better picture of myself taken, the official photographer managed to screw it all up. I did sorely miss my family (not so easy to travel half way across the world) and old friends at my graduation. But I didn’t lack good support from my new friends at FSU.

The Graduation was followed by a lunch at ‘Ming tree’ a Chinese place, sponsored by my very good friend Koshy annan (annan standing for elder brother in Tamil). Had a surprise cake from Swapna brought to me by Akhilesh & co (Sandeep).

Then there was the pool party for the whole Junta, well atleast they got to get into the pool ( I had the satisfaction of watching my friends have fun). I guess I couldn’t have asked for a better graduation (Well maybe a few more of my friends and family could have showed up). So for those who missed I got it all on DVD ……….

More of the long hiatus to follow

Till laters


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