The long hiatus – 3

This is after the short hiatus. Life isgoing on pretty hectic what with learning DB2 DBA and trying to find a job. Continuning on with my tale …

Meeting Charley

Following the graduation me a few friends of mine decided to go on a trip of florida. Nature did not take kindly to our plans and decided to send Mr. Hurrican charley our way. Undeterred as only the young and foolish can be we went ahead with our plan. It was quite an event full journey. I saw more of florida than in my entire two years there. The first port of call was Tampa, followed by Naples to meet John (My roomate who also happens to be a new bridegroom). Just as we reached Naples the evacuation order was given. We then decided to go to greener pastures … the Miqusukee tribal reservation, where we were officially certified as Aligator catchers.

Or next station was going to be Key west with Homestead in between but aur attempts were thwarted by Charley. The course was then changed to go to Miami. The following morning we had wonderful and scenic drive down US highway 1 and A1A along the coast through Ft Lauderdale, West palm before we decided to meet our nemesis Charley at Orlando.

Charley struck Orlando 10 minuites after we found a shelter at Days Inn (this after searching for a place stay for almost an hour). We spent the night without current since Charley had decided that we didn’t need it and struck the sub station right next to our hotel. I can’t complain about it though, the wonderful green and blue spark when it struck the power line … the tree flying across out window … the low lying signal lights(maybe not that) … the lightless restroom which had to be used with out closing the door … and near lack of traffic on our side of the interstate as we left Orlando.

The final port of call was Perry, where Koshy annan got to strut off his guitar playing and singing abilities. It was whirlwind tour but it definitely was worth meeting Charley!!!!

The Strom Chasers

Koshy – Captain / Driver

Ulysses – Navigator with a limp

Akhilesh – The photographer / In house malayalee

Sandeep – Metrosexual / Guy who wants to be in the picture

Till Laters …


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