Just another manic Monday …

It surely has been a manic Monday today. I have been closeted in the same room for more than eight hours. One of these days I going to look like the computer monitor that I keep staring at. Its a strong sense of deja vu that I feel (I thought my Computer Science teachers looked and acted like computers).

I managed to go to Church yesterday, after a gap of few weeks. There is so much difference in the way in which the timings work in an Indian Church. The service seemed to go on without any time limit. Inspite of being in the Pacific Time zone the people acted as if they were in the Indian Stretchable(Standard) Time zone. Can’t complain about it though, more prayer the better is what I say zzzzz

Want justice(mostly skewed) in some parts of India try the Panchayat (Village court). They have take over where the medieval witch hunting courts left of.

Sex education Indian ‘ish’style.

Bearing their cross

Quote for the day

Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight.

-Phyllis Diller


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