25 years and going strong …

That’s the story of my parents, celebrating their 25 year of togetherness. I don’t know how two people survive each other that long and more importantly survive kids like me and my sisters (jus kidding). As they wrote their glorious chapter together, a few of my close friends are stepping into the married life. My best friend Swapna got married last month. And today I heard that my good friends Katie and Michael are on the way to the alter. I also have a few other good friends including Nithya(Guru) walking down that aisle pretty soon. All this talk of going down the aisle is making me feel real old. I have often said that marriage is equivalent to hanging oneself. But one of these (mostly later) days I think the inevitable will happen and my head also will go under the chopping block. But congratulation to all the couples who have started on this path, may it be filled with happiness and prosperity.

The foundation to provide long term solution to the tsunami affected kids in India has been finally setup yesterday under the banner of “Falcon Foundation” with 7 members from various walks of life. An complementary one in the US is under the drawing board under the able care of Koshy annan in Tallahassee, FL.

My mission to stuff muscles into my body is going through birth pangs phase. I did return to the gym today (suprisingly).

“It’s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.” –Marlene Dietrich


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