5 and counting …

That’s the number of consecutive days I have gone to the gym a new personal best for me. I hope I don’t break a bone trying to pump it up… The Jibjabbers are back with a new video . Its been one of those slow days today at work … nearly put me to sleep then again 8 hours in front of the monitor will do that to anybody.

Tsunami update

The latest reports indicate that the death toll has crossed 226,000 almost 160000 of those in Indonesia. Now there is reports of fighting breaking out between the government and rebel forces in the Aceh province which was the worst affected by the tsunami. In Sri Lanka, the Government and the LTTE(Liberation tigers of Tamil elam) rebels are locked in a war of words over the distribution of relief materials. The rebels claim that the government has done nothing for the people living in the rebel dominated areas. I my city of madras the city council has decided to have a fish buffet for the councilors to show the public that the fishes are not contaminated.

“Money can’t buy friends, but you can get a better class of enemy.” ~ Spike Milligan


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