Cell phone number 5

Cell phones are like girls can’t live with them, can’t live without them. I have just got my 5th cellphone yesterday. The incredible thing about it is that, they are all the same model.

A low down on my cell phone history

1st one lasted 8 months and was broken in a pillow fight at Mike and Buddy’s. I got a free phone(I wasn’t complaining) to replace it in exchange for introducing two new customers. I had to make the deal because I didn’t have insurance on the phone.

2nd one lasted for another eight months. The problem with it was that it just wouldn’t work in California. So the Verizon people in San Jose (after trying for 2 hours to make it work) decided to give me a new phone in exchange for it.

The 3rd one was going good until I broke it trying to show off my line dancing moves. By now I had become smart and had purchased a insurance on my phone. But the insurance company jacked me and gave me a used phone to replace the one I broke.

The fourth one breaking was not my mistake. I just broke the antenna and the screen gave up on its own. But I was lucky enough to know somebody who was a manager at the Verizon store here. And yesterday I got my 5th phone in 2 and a half years in the US of A.

I let you guys know when this one breaks. My luck with cellphones can be summed up by my best friends refusal to allow me to use her phone even though she is out of the country for an extended period of time!!

And the model of my cellphone is a LG VX10. Pretty old.

My love hate relationship with cellphones extends from my school days in India. I was and am what you would a destructive oriented person 🙂 … go figure.

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