The papal infallibility is what comes to my mind when I think infallible, of course I am also reminded of celebrities and crooked preachers thinking they are infallible. But the current news about the sickness of the “lineage of peter” got me thinking about it. Being a catholic I think I can say without any prejudice that the infallibility of any man even though he be a pope is BS*. Its another piece of superstition’s that has been propagated as a Christian truth.

All I can say as a retort to the pope’s position is Romans 3:23

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”

The protestant church is dong no better with the controversy over gay marriage and anointing gay priest. Who are they kidding by using the excuse of making the church in synch with the times we live in. No offence meant towards people of different sexual orientation than my own but this is another BS*. Would these same “liberal” leaders of the church accept a priest who is living in adultery or would they say that its ok to commit murder just because some people think so. Yes there is salvation and freedom for all in Christ but that freedom does not allow you to call sin as acceptable. The Episcopal church has just lost its Christian identity by appointing a person to a bishop’s post which according to 1 Timoty 3:2 should go a person with one wife :).

Well this has caused a informal split in the Episcopal/Anglican church. That’s what always happens, when you disagree you just start your won church. Not that I have anything against that. When I think of judgment day as all Christians would like to preach about, I can imagine people standing in lines according to their denominations and they are all going to be surprised that the other denomination is present there.

All my life people have not only asked me if I am a Christian but also if I am a catholic or a protestant. I just hate the whole deal. I just want to shout in their face that I am not a Christian, don’t confine me to a religion’s boundary because my Jesus didn’t do that, he just asked me to follow him 😉

People who tend to support the acceptance of homosexuality by the church think that they are making up for the church’s less than acceptable way of dealing with them in the past. I do agree that the church has been prejudiced in that way it deals with people. How else do u account for the Aryan superiority theorem of Hitler or the KKK. But that does not make me condone such lifestyle, you need to love them but does not mean that you have twist the Bible to give it legitimacy.

Above all the point is that you can’t have people who not only condone it but practice it have spiritual authority over anybody. Would a person who is openly living in adultery be allowed to hold that post?

This weeks postings are going to be under the heading of “The case against the Christian religion”. Just some of my views on all things “religiously Christian”. If any of you want to join or want to suggest future topic for discussion in this blog write me a

Till laters …

“I still say a church steeple with a lightening rod on top shows a lack of confidence.”

*BS = Bull S@#$%


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