Women and some!!

Can’t live with them, Can’t live without them … I started this blog two days back on what was the International women’s day but due to unforeseen circumstances I will have to complete it today. What you may ask was the unforeseen circumstance that forced me to postpone writing on such a hot topic. It was the gym you see … By obsession with buffing up saw me go to a couple of body workout classes at YMCA (Another motivation was that it was free with the membership). There the youthful hot bloodedness in me caused me to use heavier weights than required to impress people I didn’t have to and forced me to walk with a limp afterwards. It was one of those do it now and regret later things. I have been sore for the past two days, but being the strong man I am (lol) I am going to go back and do it today.

Now that I got done wining about my broken body, I can go back to the topic at hand. The thing that really struck me to write abt women was not that it was the International women’s day (As a principle I don’t subscribe to such days) but the 10 plus after Beijing conference

Sorry to say that due to some computer glitches I just lost the rest of the blog … and it was quite big and time consuming! Now I got to write a whole new one tomorrow !!! :((

“Ah, women. They make the highs higher, and the lows more frequent.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


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