I finally went and watched the great American pastime. My verdict … American Football is probably the only game I would watch in a stadium. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy myself. I was like a ADD kid the whole evening so much so that I could get on the nerves of the ADD kids I went with. It was St. Louis Cardinals Vs. the Milwaukee Brewers game and it was freaking cold with a lot of rain showers!!! With amount of baseball games being played each season I wonder how so many people show up to these games. This was also a opportunity for me to check out the metro link. The ride back with the crowd was awesome, reminded me of the electric trains in Madras(Chennai). The only difference was that we couldn’t hang out of the doors!!

Final verdict … there is nothing to beat Cricket … or soccer … yet!

I finally got to show off my singing powers (its a laugh). On Sunday I got to sing(sic) Jana Gana Mana at a dinner in my church. I was also surprised that I was able to remember it so well to. I did sing another Tamil Christian song (there were errors in it), but hey it doesn’t hurt if you don’t know. For those of you who wanted to know the meaning of the Indian National Anthem please follow the previous link.

“Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.”
* Oscar Wilde


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