Phone #7

Some time back I wrote about my cellphone habits. Well I have got on to a new plan which more than doubles my minutes. The new phone can play MP3 and take pics. Though of using the pics in this blog ;). Also got my number changed to

(636) 233 2922

Well I am too tired to continue today … had to work even this weekend. Well got a couple of crazy links …

Did you heard of drunken monkeys???

Benefits of being a scientist!!!

And showcasing a young talent … Here is a quatern by Justin Feagans

killer monkeys on my head,
i swat at one with a bat,
killing flies with big fat lies
eating cockroaches drinking beer

monkeys like to stay alive
killer monkeys on my head
my mommy said i like the color red
what a book i just read

wow this poem is long
my monkey is getting strong
killer monkeys on my head
flesh eating rabbits in my bed

the TV blares with lots of noise
wow i need to get some new toys
i think he has just about killed me
killer monkeys on my head


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