ReadyMade Excuses

To join issue with CrakerJack, I don’t use those articles because I don’t need those excuses to explain why I like food. I just love food so. (Period) That been said this is not the only article that tries to explain why we do certain things. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think scientific reasoning and research is a fable; and the truth cannot be farther from the truth. But sometimes we let scientific data overshadow common sense. And before you are crucify me as a right wing fundamentalistic rabble-rouser, let me state my case.

Lets start with the most prevalent excuses to commit a crime …

  • Society doesn’t care
  • Childhood environment was not conducive to all round growth
  • People always made fun of me
  • Nobody don’t understands me/what I go through
  • Mom/dad was drunkard/drug addict
  • I had nobody to love me
  • The world is unfair (sic)
  • I did not understand the full repercussions of my action (criminally insane)

a note of caution: I do not believe that these are entirely false but to just blame them for everything … come on give me a break! The world is fair because it is unfair to everybody, so just deal with it. To blame their hard childhood for all their actions as grown ups just speaks to how much they have really grown up. Hardships usually make people better, so the actions of a person usually speak about the inner character of a person rather than what people did to him when he was kid.

From criminal behavior to the hornets next that CrackerJack stirred up … its become a case of statistics and percentages now a days, actually its totally chaos on what to do to keep healthy. Though things aren’t that bad, the basic premise still remains the same: eat just enough and move your body. But some people take it the extreme, starving themselves or working out more than two hours a day. Chill out people … you ain’t going to live forever, so why give up on that banana split or the cream filled doughnut with chocolate on top?? (Man I am going to get myself a banana split after I finish this). I would classify anybody working out for more than an hour as insane and maybe somebody who needs to get a life! I know people who are too lazy to work around the house but not too lazy to hit the gym. There are also people who look all buff(like me!!) but have no real strength!

Science is the scapegoat used as an excuse by people for all the above mentioned. I heard once heard this from a friend, that it is possible to prove any premise if you have a sufficiently skewed sample population.

Oh did you know that 1 in 5 kids has ADD (BOSS you can correct me). So all you do when you see a hyper active kid is give him some tablets to calm him down. Where I come from they just call those kids mischievous!

I accept that we need scientific innovation and the role that science plays in making our lives better. But science does not have the right to trample common sense underfoot. These are the reasons you have people who need stupid labels warning about obvious dangers(Anybody seen ‘this is not a toy’ sign on plastic covers).

Also I think our drug abuse problem stems from the fact that we always want to quantify stuff and need a readymade solution to all of life’s problem, be it either a simple headache or a severe trauma!

Maybe we are not generation next but generation ReadyMade

β€œThe self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.”

P.S: CrakerJack seems to have generated more comments on a single post than I could in a month!


4 thoughts on “ReadyMade Excuses

  1. BOSS

    1 in 5 is not as bad as it sounds..there are other illnesses that are 1 in 4 in the US (more on that later) ..but if you had only one kid and stopped having more and it turned out to be the one in five, you got a problem maan…Yeah, History is actually HIS STORY (the extra “S” got forgotten in typo!!)..So, If we were made in GOD’s image, we would have turned out allright..but that’s why He sent HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, so that we could understand the Father better..Because Jesus was made in the image of HIS Father in Heaven..So how do we look like these days? If everyone looked like the splitting image of GOD, then we would judge our neighbor less, we would love our enemies more, we would feed the poor, take care of the sick and needy, heal the broken hearted, and visit those who are suffering for truth’s sake in prisons..somethings we can do while we still live as mortal beings..But hey no..we are more concerned about how we can get the next big thing in life..Education must be the way to do it..But education does tell us what is right and wrong as much as our parents tell us from their own experiences..Just as Adam and Eve disobeyed GOD who created them in HIS own image, we disobey our earthly parents..But here is a catch…In the book of Mathew chapter 10 I believe (read the scriptures) Jesus said..I did not come to bring Peace.. I came to divide..father against son, daughter against mother, daughter in law against mother in law and so forth..But all who takes up His cross and follows Him will be rewarded but with persecution for following the sometimes we do inherit genes that show up as obesity, ADD, BPD, heart disease, but for all these the mighty power of GOD is all that we need..the best medicine for all aches, pains, and cures..GODS WORD…TAKE IT, DRINK FROM IT and SEE IF IT’s NOT TRUE..HE WILL GIVE YOU HIS GRACE for that is sufficient for us..THIS MORTAL BODY WILL ONE DAY DIE..Whether from ABUSE, MISUSE, DISUSE OR EVEN PROPER USE…BUT THE RESURRECTED BODY OF CHRIST IS PROMISED TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN HIM AND IN THE ONE WHO SENT HIM AND LIVE A LIFE THAT HE SHOWED TO LIVE ON THIS EARTH..CAN I HAVE AN AMEN TO THAT, CRACKER JACK..


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