Ring in the New

A wonderful 2006 to you folks. Starting the new year with my first ever post on a blog. I guess that’s what a new year is all about, the starting afresh or rather starting on a new canvas of life. Hope that answers your question NoViCe.

I started of this year with a slew of resolutions (I disagree with people who equate resolutions with laws, in that they are meant to be broken), starting off with being a better person. The last few years have been marred by souring of relations with people really close to me, a trend I am hoping to reverse this year (with fingers crossed). You could say that I have probably antagonised more people last couple of years than Bush did (If ever that was possible).

I’ll save the sob story for later. Today I came across this article on MSN. It makes an interesting read and speaks of how people are addicted to food just to make themselves feel good. No wonder America is over 60% obese. Ulysses maybe you should take a hint from this and work on your tummy ;). Get over it, you are not big you are just over weight!

I wonder why people wouldn’t use these kind of news to get back in shape. Some people never learn I guess.

I’ll sign off in the standard way

“People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year,
but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and


9 thoughts on “Ring in the New

  1. Guru

    who s tat crackerjack da?

    u want 2 reduce ur belly? no da. leave as it s. now only u look pretty gud. jus compare ur college and present poto. which 1 u like? obviously current 1 right? then y risk?

  2. Crackerjack

    You can get all the support you want but the fact remains that the belly is not a good sign … know what I am saying? And who in their right mind would think that it is cool to have a belly

  3. Boss

    Who in their right mind would say “cool” to a lot of things..for e.g..It’s a cool movie, maan..it’s a cool chick, maan..we keep using old words but use it differently..over a period of time, we don’t know what we are saying..Did he mean “cool” like in warm/cool..or as in …beats me..”belly” in our culture..guess which one..is a sign of prosperity…but in a lot of cultures it is a sign of fertility (tehehe)… and in others it is a sign of Obesity…so depending on which culture and gender you belong to, the meaning changes…so I guess it might perhaps be cool to have a belly depending on where you are in the grand scheme of life itself…just couldn’t resist airing my thoughts on the topic..I noticed one thing common to folks who have a belly..they all complain about back ache..and it is not cool to have a back ache..in local slang we call a belly…Tyre…Cracker jack…I smell biscuits..

  4. Crackerjack

    That’s the beauty of the english language. It’s more descriptive than prescriptive which gives more importance to words as in their usage rather than in strict logical standards.

    Culturally the “belly” maybe a sign of fertility or prosperity but scientifically its a sign of ill-health … and you know whats important!!!

  5. Boss

    There is something ugly about English language too…It is also considered the international language for commerce..guess what..At the Tower of Babel, Man spoke one language..and God said, If Man speaks one language, there will be nothing impossible for Man..So He confounded them and gave folks different tongues (languages). Man had pride in his heart and was glorifying himself as he built the tower of Babel..On the day of Pentecost however, many folks who had come to worship God at the Temple heard the first believers of Christ speak in different tongues i.e., heard them glorifying God in their own languages and were surprised as to how these simple folks could speak foreign languages..Many folks believed in God and became converts (3000)..where this number comes from is another topic in itself..but for now, I will stick with the beauty of the english language..So here is something to think about..when man kills a tiger he calls it Sport..but when a tiger kills a man he calls it Ferocity..When you take things in a ship, it is called Cargo..but when you take things in a car it is called Shipment..Why confuse folks and come up with such terms..but hey, that is the beauty of the english language..Divide and Rule..

  6. J

    Hi..Happy new year…
    Was listening to this song “Everybody’s Free” One line in that goes like
    “U r not as FAT as u imagine…”
    One of my fav lines in that song! (U know y!! )
    But trust me..U r not all that fat to crib about it…Take care da…

  7. NoViCe

    Hey J I am not cribbing about being fat at all !!! Come on you know me better than that 😉

    Mr.Boss looks like you remember the history lessons!!! Like the devide and rule part 😉


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