25000 Miles, knife in a shredder and other stories

Singles Awarness Day
To take a break from world politics and concentrate on my own… SO here goes the shorter version of my musings!

25000 Miles
I have officially broken the quarter century mark on my car in 14 months (If you discount my trip to India then it was 13!). The average mileage for a car in the US is between 12 and 15K miles. So much for me being average. I have decided to run this car to the ground so I am not holding back on account of the resale value.

Knife in a shredder
This is a never before seen footage (image). I was just trying to get the paper jam out. What really happened is plain to see.

Also goes to show that I have no patience for product manuals!

Speaking of products, these pictures are courtesy of my newest phone a TREO palm top. Its officially my ninth phone in three years. What can I say, my and my cellphones never seem to get along.This might also be my coolest one so far. With all the things it can do, from being used as a phone to working on office documents and acting as a low resolution video camera, I have been finally suckered by technology.

My first bachelor party
This weekend also was my first bachelor party. It was not for the faint hearted… no I am not talking about girls jumping on your lap out of a cake, but a full blown HALO LAN party. With some sprinkling of Dave and Busters where a 14 year old girl whipped my behind in simulation soccer. Also felt my age, when I almost pulled my groin muscle.

The weekend of my first bachelor party was also the weekend of me getting my first gun. Its a Marlin 30/30 calibre 30WA rifle.

That leaves me no time to talk about anti-valentine’s day or the politically right term being Singles Awarness Day!!! But then I didn’t think Feb 14 warrented any special attention from me!!!

In real love you want the other person’s good. In romantic love, you want the other person.


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