I have heard it said that ‘the only thing constant in this world is change’, just to drive the point home life has proved it to me countless number of times. As things go its time for another change in my life, moving on to a different job.

I have just been offered a job in Chicago, around 4 hours from my current location. All this just as I was starting to enjoy life in ‘the middle of nowhere'(St. Louis). Its a funny thing how you get used to a place, when almost always you started up hating it. I guess even the good changes are almost hard to get used to in the beginning.

Moving from a college town to a big town like St. Louis which was not really much fun, I told myself repeatedly how much I disliked it and was looking for the first opportunity to fly away. Two years can change things and perspectives I guess. I had been always under the impression that, the coast and the south were fun, what I didn’t figure out till later was that it was the people and the environment that made a place fun.

Though I didn’t meet too many people my age I did get to meet a lot of people who made my stay here worthwhile. The youth mentoring at the church is definitely the best time I had in St. Louis, and probably what I would miss the most. Those youth have encouraged and humbled me more than they can imagine.

It’s always hardest to say good bye and leave familiarity, but for better or worse change has always been good to me. In this instance it would significantly increase my bank account. Like my mom always said, you can’t have the cake and eat it too.

Through my journey through life so far I have had a constant companion in my Best Friend and he has guided and guarded my life so far. The best part of this journey has been the people he has introduced to me so far and the joy that he has provided me through the most gloomy of circumstances. I might not know what tomorrow brings but I know what waits me at the end of my journey. As in all endeavors the goal is want keeps me going.


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  1. Hermit

    Amen, Brother..Howdy..keep that Friend close to your heart and mind..You can’t get lost with Him..He knows all about you and wishes you the they say..You haven’t seen nothing yet..GBY


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