The great equaliser – Football

Put your football cleats on its World Cup time! The Football (soccer to Yankees) is probably my favorite sport in the whole entire world. Its charm probably is in its simplicity. Two sides, one ball and all you got to do is kill the ball with a small space. You don’t even have to buy a leather ball, paper rolled into the shape of a ball and held together with rubber band would do as well … also forget part of the cleats, just need your two feet!

I was watching the Argentina vs Ivory Coast match yesterday and I was given many more reasons to love this game. I watched as a opponent got fouled and then in amazement the culprit giving the victim a hand to get up … also saw a couple of opposing players patting each other after a particularly good dribble or shot. You would be hard pressed to see such scenes in any other professional team sports specially in America.

The sportsmanship was not the only thing that struck me, the fact that Ivory coast was observing a ceasefire for the duration of the world cup was a testament to the universal appeal of the game. If only it helped solved such situations permanently … I know that is wishful thinking.

I have been talking to a couple of friends of mine who think its a girlie game ’cause you don’t get t beatup on your opponent like in American football or Ice hockey and my only retort to it was that this was a poor man’s game. This can be played in slums unlike the other aforementioned games. Also the slums have produced the best players the world has ever seen. This is the only stage in the world that the countries at the bottom of the food chain can beat the ones at the top. I remember playing in my school against the evening schoolers(from the nearby slums), they would literally cream up in our Nike cleats with their bare foot.

I know lots of people would like to say that the Olympics would hold the honour of uniting the world. I know the Olympics has its place but football is special, for the only reason that there is only gold and there are more people (Almost a quarter of the world’s population) watching you kick the behind of the best countries in the world.

Its not without its fault. Racism in the European countries has been on the rise, and in a drastic measure, the captains of the teams read a massage against racism before each game. Its obviously caused by a fringe group of people.

The thing that irks me the most personally is the fact that the two countries with one third of the world’s population don’t have the capacity to qualify for this tournament while puny countries like Trinidad and Tobago could. I would easily like to put the blame on the system … but countries like Ivory coast don’t even have a system … and then I realise what a great leveler football is!

BTW : My football jersy number is 4 and Maradona was the best football player ever!!!
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3 thoughts on “The great equaliser – Football

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  2. Hermit

    Is that allowed..touting snake oil on Noman’s land..all right, I will leave that alone for now..

    Everyone has a’s the person of the year kind of thing..If you lived during the days of Maradona, yeah, he would be your favorite..It’s like who is the greatest in MJ..Folks who watched B Ball during MJ’s peak would definitely say it is MJ..

    As for my favorite, I love you maan..You do brighten up a place..whether it’s the dance floor, or a conference room..GBY..


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