Dead or alive …. 2

The Terri Schiavo is still dragging throught the courts. Her feeding tube has been removed for the last 5 days and according to the doctors she can only survive for a week or two after the feeding tube has been removed. There have been many dramatic twists and turns in the last few days. The US congress and the state legislature have tried all they could while the courts (both state and federal) have refused to budge from their position. It has become a very emotive issue with the parents and the pro life lobby claiming that the doctors are wrong and the Terri could recover from her brain dead state, while the husband the pro choice supporters (with the courts) claiming that she would not want to be kept artificially alive. I personally don’t know which side to choose. I do believe in the sanctity of life but at the same time would I like to be kept artificially alive? Absolutely not, allow me to meet my maker. And since I do not want to take sides I would ask the reader to form his own opinion.

The only foot note I would like to add to this is if the starving deaths that are occurring be given the same amount of TV time so we could save some naturally alive people. Maybe the government that made such an exception for Terri would do something for the hundreds of Sudanese or we would have 1994 be repeated again …

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