Hacking …

I love hacking but the truth be told almost always it is cracking. Hey if you break a friend’s password it doesn’t mean that you are an accomplished hacker now, more often than not it means that your friend is just a numskul. Ok so what brought this on ? I just helped a friend login into his brother’s computer without really hacking it. Courtesy of Mr. Ravi chandra Alluri, I found out today that the password setting in Win XP has no meaning. All you have to start it in the SAFE mode and you have administrator rights. This is certainly a scary ‘Microsoft’ World.

From my understanding of it there are White hats, Black hats and Gray Hats. As much as I love security, I am not really one of these hats. I wish I was … I am really tired right now so I am cutting it short here …

“If you broke the law and the court proved your fault, be so kind to pay according to the law, in spite of your name”


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