Moving … Shifting …

I just moved to a new apartment last weekend. From a two bedroom to a one bedroom and it was one of the easiest moves I have ever had. I know its taken for granted that a bachelor doesn’t have too much to move but, my move was made simpler by the fact that there were eight more pairs of hands to help. Half the church youth turned up in the church van to help me move. I didn’t even have to pack up stuff, they just carried the books and dress in their hand ;). Thanks a bunch guys .. and gals !!!

Now that I have saluted the ones that helped me, I don’t know if any of you noticed but the post header contains two words. They are both used to define the process of going from one home/apartment to the next, but in different countries. It intrigues me how a the meaning of a word changes with the geographical location. If you get down to the nitty gritty of it, English is almost a different language in each country.

The number of words are innumberable, biscuit or cookie? Flat or apartment? Trunk or dikie? (that’s one of my favorite) honor or honour? O or zero? …

The pronunciation is all the more confusing. The funny part is that contrary to popular belief nobody is wrong. English said some one is a descriptive language, and to be the lingua franca of the world it must not be restrictive.

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Hard to believe but true

PDA anybody?

Want to talk about the neighbor think again

Is this democracy?


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