Missing Mail …

The past couple of weeks have been pretty eventful. I know every day is “eventful” in one way or the other. But the last was especially different for me as I got to move into my own apartment finally after living for 24 years on this earth. Some think I am crazy while others envy me!! The only thing missing now is someone to cook and clean my place! In the great Indian (possibly world) tradition, I mentioned it to my mom that I should get a wife to do it. Which was turned down with the answer that I needed a maid and not a wife, I still have my doubts(jk). Joking aside, its a different experience living alone. I have been alone for the last three years but with roommates, hence this is the first time that I am literally alone. Its lonely as well as expensive but at the same time it gives you more freedom … to be alone … go figure.

To top it all Yahoo has lost most of my emails, this after I paid for the service. Almost all my emails over the past 7 years have been lost and that has really got me down. I figure that its God’s (funny) way of telling me not to get too attached to temporal things. Maybe if I still had my emails I would have gone over to the dark side and become Dark Lord “Darth Shaddai”*.

I had been planning to write on a few of topics but can’t seem to find time to sit down at a stretch to do it. Also I am slowly gathering stuff to create a new website. Any input to the same is very much appreciated. I seem to have lost touch with the programming side of computers and need to get back to that at the earliest.

Till Laters …

* – Non geeks please refer to the Star Wars story.

“Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are your own fears.”


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