My Idol

Believe it or not I do have one and he just turned 51. And you know that a man has become old, when he says he is proud of the kids that God has given him 😉

My Dad has always rocked my world and all that I am, I owe it to him!!! His use of the English language surprises me not only because it makes me (who has had better education than him) use the dictionary but also because he learnt the language after he turned 18.

I may never understand the struggles he went through but sure do appreciate them. He is a charmer, a fact that I hope I could get a little bit of. He always made me more cool than I was by dropping me off in school on the military Motorcycle in his trademark shorts. Also the fact that he could kick anybody’s bottom (I have personally witnessed that) combined with the fact that he could preach the bible like a preacher makes him a deadly combination.

The heart he has for helping others to the point of repeatedly being hoodwinked by unscrupulous needy people has to be seen to be believed. I can only wish that I would be able to give as much as he gives away(50-70% of his earnings) someday if I am not greedy enough :).

We do have difference of opinion as people from two different generations would, but I if he hadn’t let me be, I wouldn’t have been my own man. I could probably go on for a day about all his qualities, but suffice to say that I love him and wish that I was half the man he is!

“My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.”

P.S: I mustn’t forget to mention the person who has kept him on the straight – my mom and his wife of 25 years


2 thoughts on “My Idol

  1. J

    Believe me…Anytime anywhere I have spoken to people about Hardwork..I have been proud to talk about Uncle…Hez so charming a person!!! Uncle is 51..Oh my god..Hez still sooo handsome..


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