Odds and Ends

The last couple of weeks, I have started with so many posts but haven’t really found time to continue with any. What with all the shopping and preparing for the trip for India, which in turn made me work more hours to get stuff done. So I finally decided for the sake of the few loyal (sic) readers of these ramblings to get a gist of the ideas that I had in the pea sized brain of mine for the various posts that I started!

Actually there were some more but I guess they will have to wait. I can’t wait though to get to India after almost two years. Thats a really long time to be away from home. I am hoping to atleast make this a picture blog during my trip to India. If you need me give me a buzz at 98409 07530!

Till Laters

“Nullus est locus domestica sede jucundior”( There is no place more delightful than one’s own fireside)
“To know after absence the familiar street and road and village and house is to know again the satisfaction of home”


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