With Love from India

Well I am finally back home after a gap of almost two years and its good to be back. So here goes my first post from the land of the tiger!
Day 1
Had the whole family come meet me at the airport. I wonder how long this ritual would continue. Maybe the next time it would be just my parents. I don’t mind this attention though, I am a movie star for 5 mins. As I walk out of the terminal I have all these flash bulb’s going off, making all the people gathered at the airport believe that I am a famous movie actor. Did I mention how much I like Briyani before? Well had my mom make Mutton(goat) Biryani and Chicken 65 for my Dinner/breakfast on the day I arrived.
Day 2
Jet lag is an evil word. Unlike my previous visit, this time I was really hit hard with it. Trust me walking like a zombie makes you snap at people. I did talk about the traffic in India a few months back. Now that I am back I am getting used to it pretty quickly. I surprised myself by talking to driving in peak traffic the day after I arrived. Maybe its because I have been driving a stick(Manual) shift car the last 9 months.
Day 3
The traffic mayhem is seen to be believed. And I am liking that a lot. If I drove like this in the US I probably would have had my license suspended a long time back. Its still fun to cut off people though getting cut off doesn’t sound that great. As much as I have tried to hold on to the Indian culture, I still need a refresher course in it once in a while. Like wearing a formal pant to Church and no shorts and T-shirts.
Day 4 … actually I have forgotten the day count in the midst of the marriage confusion. Indian marriages are definately a caos, but there is an order in the chaos. Friends have to be invited and then friends of friends …. friends of freinds of freinds … And the food, specially when we have no idea about the number of people who are going to turn up. Also I guess it would take the hand of god to makes things pefect when more than 1500 Indian’s get together(haha). Jokes apart its a trying time for all those running around getting things done and fun for people like me who watch it … Got lots more to write but no time … I’ll let the pictures speak for themself


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