Married again ….

Well I thought this would be a better title than saying marriage 2 or marriage continued … continuing on the topic of marriages … either I am getting old or the world is getting older cause’ it seems like everybody I know is getting married. Starting off with Katie’s marriage next month … I can only smile at the sheep being let to the slaughter. Jokes apart here is another dose of the pictures from back home. You must understand that this took place over a period of three days and four different functions, hence the various dresses! And do leave your comments, cause I know you are looking!
This is the family picture at the Groom’s reception

The whole marriage bundle (brides’ maids,maid of honour,groom’s men,best man, flower girls ….) Usually you don’t have the bride’s maids and groom’s men in our weddings… (just the best mand and the maid of honour)

The bride and groom at the church …

The couple at the Groom’s reception

Me and Kartik at the Groom’s reception

Dad letting go …

“The cousins” at the bride’s reception

The wedding Cake

The wedding feast …. Sara what you doing man?

The feast at the groom’s reception

Trying to show off my sisters!!!

Watch this place for more Pics from the “land of the tiger”…

“How do you look at the same face for the rest of your life ???? Beats me!”


3 thoughts on “Married again ….

  1. Anonymous

    Great pics..might be you would want a comment or two about folks in these pics next time..possible brides to be etc..etc..haha..I will wait till I see the noose tighten around your neck one of these days..that’s the way this world goes..what you fear most you will face it in this life.. The life beyond this is much brighter thats what the scriptures promise..Ever wondered why Jesus never said “I DO”? Beats me..LOVE AND PEACE can’t go wrong with that..

  2. Whitney

    Hey buddy
    Great pictures! It seems like a wonderful time all around. I hope your sister is blessed in her marriage! And all your outfits rock, man. As well as everyone else’s! Ours are so boring in comparison. Everyone is beautiful! Hopefully I can meet them one day. Love ya!


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